EWI Inc. established at South San Francisco, California. We have been in continuous operation since 1994. Although as a young company, we are made up of highly trained professionals in customhouse brokerage services and have most of our employees in the industry with at least ten years experience.

We are licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department to represent importers on international trading, and all work is done using the computerized Automated Broker Interface system. Among our services are entry of import merchandise, TIB entries, coordinating releases with related government control offices such as FDA, USDA, Fish & Wildlife service, and protest against customs decisions.

We represent interest that make available to EWI clients a surety to write customs bonds and an underwriter to provide both individual insurance policies and an open cargo policy, if desired. In addition to our services arranging inland distribution, consolidation, cartage, warehousing can also be provided.

EWI Inc., from time to time, provides many services, the above are most common, further services are available upon request. The fee notes attached represent our current schedule of charges for customhouse brokerage works at the port of San Francisco and Oakland, these fees also pertain to both ocean and air shipments. Large sums for items such as duty and ocean freight must be paid prior to our payment to third party.

As indicated above, EWI Inc. offers customs clearance and various related services, our expert staffs supply every types of documentation needed, and customized to the client's individual needs. We are a company motivated by pride and teamwork, our expertise and competitive prices guarantees you more value for your money in an ever-changing business world.